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Acknowledgement Of God

I awaken in the dim light and raise the shade somewhat, sunlight flooding the room. It’s God’s created light. I squint, not quite prepared for the generous flood. In the galley I make my coffee with head bowed, adding the milk, cocoa and sugar topping, barely looking about. God is there in the shadows. Ascending the stairs to my prayer bower I bow low to God, simultaneously stretching my back to my knees on the gray rug in the pilot house. Am I more worshipping or exercising? God knows. I continue with 20 push-ups, pop into the Stidd chair and look into the Marina Harbor in Birgu, Malta. There, there I become fully aware of the Presence that has been my stay and protection through the night watch. Movement is everywhere. Life. Life and breath graciously provided by divine decree and yet just another day to the harbor and its people, ferrying to work, jogging, making deliveries and some just enjoying this quiet moment as am I. The water moves busily, the sunshine and clouds, shadows, reflected in it. All created by our Father. Sailboats and tackle sway gently upon the water, a loose canvas flutters noiselessly, all smilingly agreeing to the good day, a low wind and sunny day, prized for the ability of all of us little people to become busy “messing about” with boats. We call it a “good” day because of what may be accomplished. God alone is “good.” I’ve read “God smiles in sunshine” but I know He has been Present always and everywhere, in dark and gray and blackest night, as well as light, and into this precious moment when I acknowledge Him, thank Him, praise His holy name and ask Him once again for my daily bread, …
and perhaps some strawberries.



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