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A Refuge In Times Of Trouble

Isn’t it interesting how we find solace and the ability to ‘pull it all together,’ or at least
find some relief from our troubles along the open roads?!

This picture from my Bible App reminded me of someone I love deeply who is often found walking trails and paths and roads as his anxieties threaten to overwhelm him.

I remember going through a depressed period myself, and finding a certain contentment noticing the natural seasonal changes at the twists and turns of familiar places and wide open spaces.

The view revealed at one or two curves have become ‘take my breath away’ favorites. I gasp inwardly, prizing those moments.

The sounds of the hummingbirds whizzing by overhead in mid-summer force a smile upon my lips as thoughts turn to visions of fields of flowers from which the tiny creatures draw sustenance. I wonder at their fortitude.

The sun’s reflection in the melting frost of a winter’s morning surely warms my heart equally, and strengthens me, propelling me ahead.

The road takes me somewhere, but wait, there is a Presence that walks beside me, ….and beside my loved one.

The Presence is good. I know I am not alone. The very air I breathe reminds me of Him who “gives everyone life and breath and all things.”

I breathe deeply, knowing the Presence is filling, perhaps refilling me with His good Spirit. I exhale fully, leaving the spent air behind me along the way, complete with all my worries and cares trampled in the dust of the road. They are of the world. I now choose to be in alignment with the Spirit and His right Way.

I am now moving forward in the Spirit, in the Spirit’s Power. I have abandoned my own sense of control, an illusion. I walk in step with Him “in whom I live, and move, and exist,” even “have my being,” my purpose. Perhaps today will be the breakthrough to joy?!

I will continue to push forward along this path even as I turn homeward. I will expect to find great joy. I will expect healing. I will embrace a peace-filled heart. And I will ask the same for my beloved.

Quotes: Book of Acts Chapter 17, especially 25–28


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