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Just yesterday a dear friend asked me:

“How much of your time is dedicated to FAITH? Does your GOD ever tell you to slow down or is your work for HIM your favorite way of being on holiday?”

It seemed a strange question at first as I don’t dedicate time to Faith, rather, Faith guides my time, my times, my life.

My answer: “Faith.

Well, I like the Hebrews 11:1 description of faith that says, ‘Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’ NKJV

So faith rules my life quite certainly; and I respond quite voluntarily. I get pure joy out of being involved in reading, writing, and sharing God’s Word. It is my passion! So I guess it is “my favorite way of being on holiday.”

He who lives, he who dwells (has a dwelling), remains, shelters in, stays with, listens to, abides with the Most High God will find rest in His covering shadow. It is being on a peaceful holiday every day.

God is an Eagle 🦅 under whose great wings I can nestle down and rest, protected from danger. He then carries me to the joyful heights and I sing songs of praise to Him.

(See: Isaiah 40:31; Habakkuk 3:17–19.)

He is a Refuge, even from myself when I feel vulnerable.

I know He alone loves me unconditionally and faithfully. Although the world is being shaken, God never changes.

(See: Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 12:27–29.)

He is a Mighty Fortress which no enemy can scale, against which no evil will prevail. Not even Covid (pestilence) (Psalm 91:3) can come inside, according to His Word.

He is a Rock, unmoving, strong, able to break and disperse the strongest of waves.

~ He is the life ring that saved me from drowning when I was deep in sin. He is in the cleansing tide that carried me, purified, toward the shore. And He is the Vessel that maneuvers me with precision around the rockiest coasts of my life. May His will be done!

(See: Matthew 6:9–13.)

He is my Hiding Place, my Place of Safety. No one can find me here, or hurt me here, as long as I abide with Him. He teaches me.

(See: Psalm 32:7–8.)

His Presence is the place where His shadow protects me. As my Good Shepherd He watches over me as I freely and safely come and go.

(See: Psalm 23; Psalm 121: 1–8; John 10:9; Proverbs 3:5–6.)

So, my friend, yours was a good and insightful question! Abiding in Jesus is a lifelong “holiday” which fills me with unspeakable joy, now, and forevermore. Thank You, Spirit of God. Amen.


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