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Dedicated To My Friend

Yes, even for the produce from your garden you must wait patiently. You have cultivated the land, built a small fortress around it to protect it from low-legged (or no legged) creatures. Your raised garden has made back-breaking gardening a little more comfortable. The soil has been added, cultivated, perhaps enriched, and you have purchased the seed or plant

All you need further is moisture and light. Perhaps some weeding, now and then.

Now it’s time to “wait patiently for the Lord.”

Have you acknowledged that He is the One who sends the rain from on high that fills the little streams and lakes and cisterns of water underneath the streams from which you draw your irrigation? His sun not only warms the earth, but coaxes the little plants to reach up to it for growth.

Would your raised garden be growing in a basement or shed? Why no! You set it in your green garden to be open to the sunshine and to become a as much a showplace of your efforts as a source of nourishment and delight! Ah, I can already imagine the mouth-watering crunchiness and health-giving properties of that lush greenness that you created.

But wait. All this lushness was “created” by Whom? Creation is “bringing something out of nothing.”

God is Creator. Why, He even gave you breath and the idea to plant. He is responsible for that garden. He is the Owner of that garden. You are the hired hand, the gardener who reaps the benefit of all that the Lord God prepared ahead of time (including the seed Genesis 1:11) for your pleasure.

Wait patiently for the Lord. I will say it again. Wait patiently for the Lord. Be brave and courageous. Pray for rain and sunshine. Trust that the garden he caused you to plant, with love, will grow. Trust God to cause to grow ALL the works of your hands and hearts. Trust God to help you grow good works, works that bring glory to Him, and health and nourishment to your soul. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord.


~~Dedicated to my friend and sister-in -the-Lord, Robin McLellan, and her sister, Cindy Castrigno, who is today making beautiful things grow in heaven. ~~

Chapel On The Pond


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